Friday, January 30, 2009

Basketball: UPDATE!!

Our Ward Basketball season is winding down, so there aren't as many ladies showing up to play each Saturday. For those who are still interested in playing, there are some who still meet at the Lake Forest Park Building to play (14901 30th Ave. NE) Saturday morning at 10a.m. for pick up games.

For those who came to play, we had a great time, injuries and all. It's nice to meet new people, make friends and be a member missionary in the process.


  1. Fabulous Idea. I think having a blog will be useful. SO, question: Mount Lake Terrace? I thought it was Lake Forest Park. I just don't want to show up at the wrong place tomorrow.

    And, who's that in the green?

  2. Oops, yeah, you are right. Thanks for catching that!!

  3. Umm, I'm pretty sure the girl in green is you, Diana. ;) Can't you see that you're schooling those guys?