Friday, January 30, 2009

Walking Group: UPDATE!

*Our Walking Group has moved from Monday, to Tuesday nights only. People are getting busier now that Spring is upon us, plus, and most importantly, we didn't want to take away from FHE. Family first!

Every Tuesday night at 8:30pm we hit the pavement at Greenlake for one brisk walk around the lake. It usually takes us about 45-50min. We meet by the big concrete stadium near the parking lot by Aurora. Come and enjoy great conversations and a fantastic workout. If you are interested, please leave a comment and someone will be sure to get in touch with you about more information, car-pooling, etc. Call Carrie for any questions (818.636.3583) or if you'd like to join us and need more details. There is usually a walking group of at least 3 people if weather permits.

Basketball: UPDATE!!

Our Ward Basketball season is winding down, so there aren't as many ladies showing up to play each Saturday. For those who are still interested in playing, there are some who still meet at the Lake Forest Park Building to play (14901 30th Ave. NE) Saturday morning at 10a.m. for pick up games.

For those who came to play, we had a great time, injuries and all. It's nice to meet new people, make friends and be a member missionary in the process.